Who we are…

The Garden Shoppe

This is who we are…..

The Garden Shoppe was created by friends Gale Dodds and Mike Marple in 2016.

Mike and I grew up on the same street in Santa Barbara, lost track of each other over the years and happened to reconnect in Lompoc when my kids found Mike’s train shop, so Mike and I have been friends for a very long time. 

Mike has been building bird houses out of reclaimed wood for as long as I have known him and I love creating a variety of things such wood signs, succulents and lots of different yard art. We realized that our garden art and plants worked really well together so decided to open a store to make our products available to the public.

Over the last several years we have continued to grow and expand by constantly adding new items in addition to the customer favorites for your home and garden. We have also included other talented friends from our community, that work in the store, who make extraordinary items by hand.

We also added very popular locally sourced items such as local honey and La Bella Olive products.

This site represents the fun and interesting things we are proud to have created. Our inventory Is always changing as we find fun new things we want to create and share with our customers.

Gale Dodds & Mike Marple

Handmade Products
from our Community

Here are some of our talented friends below

Local Honey

Mooseberry Candles

Surf Beach Soap

Designs by
Georgia Hart

Garden Art

Garden Decor

Irena’s Gnomes

Mike’s Birdhouses

Irena’s Denim Bags

Mugs and Cups

La Bella Gourmet
Olives and More

Designs by Pat

Diane’s Pillow Cases

Fun Reusable Totes

HR Designs